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Stay Cool & Safe From the Sun With A Shade Sail

Staying safe from harmful UV rays during summer always does not need to be a challenge. With summer upon us, everyone is looking for ways to keep cool & enjoy spending time outdoors. 

And whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, restaurateur, or home builder, you know how important it is to stay sun-savvy while still making the most of your outdoor environment. 

A shade sail can provide protection from harmful UV rays & create an excellent space for entertaining & relaxing & adding style & visual interest no matter what situation you find yourself in! 

While shade can come in various forms, shade sails offer optimal sun protection & style to your backyard.

Finding A Balance Between Sun & Shade. 

Enjoying the sun-kissed days of an Australian summer is one of the best experiences. Whether it’s frolicking on a sandy beach, swimming in a heated pool, or entertaining friends outdoors, there are many ways to make memories with your loved ones! 

The only thing that could ruin it? Unprotected skin & potential sunburns. To ensure everyone stays safe this summer, we request you all consider these important safety tips before heading out into those beautiful rays:

‘Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is the major cause of skin cancer. In some countries, the UV radiation is strong enough to cause sunburn in just 11 minutes on a fine summer’s day. To prevent sun damage, we recommend following the Sun Smart Steps: slip on clothing, slop on sunscreen, slap on a hat, slide on sunglasses & seek shade.’

Prolonged exposure to UV radiation from the sun is the primary cause of skin cancer. In some countries, one can get sunburn in just 11 minutes of exposure on a perfect summer day; this illustrates how important it is to protect your skin from damaging rays. For maximum protection, we advise you to follow some essential steps:

  1. Slip into protective clothing,
  2. Slop on sunscreen for extra defense against harmful UVB & UVA rays,
  3. create a barrier with a wide-brim hat that also provides shade for face & neck areas sensitive to burning,
  4. Slide sunglasses over your eyes, so they are protected & Seek shelter whenever possible!
shade sail
Diagram courtesy of Sun Smart Australia.

As shown above, UVR can pass through clouds & other obstructions that cast shadows. It is also capable of bouncing off surfaces like snow or sand. Consequently, ensuring you are well-protected is indispensable, with the understanding that no 100% coverage is available! Always check the UV Index before venturing out for added security & knowledge on how much protection you will require.

Don’t Forget To Slip, Slop, Slap & Seek For Optimum Sun Protection.

We at Prestige Products ensure you make the best selection by providing each product’s cover factors & fabric strength. Not only that, but we guarantee every shade sail with a noted cover factor & warranty against UV degradation to suit your shading needs.

Shielding yourself with our shade sails is one of the best ways for protecting your family from the dangerous UV rays of summer. To get more detailed insight into ways to stay safe, contact us at +1 616-951-2611 & become informed! Your health depends on it – don’t take any risks regarding your well-being in the sun.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable team if you’d like more information on the incredible level of protection from the sun that our products provide.

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Shade Sail

1. Are Shade Sails A Good Idea?

Shade sails are an excellent way to protect your outdoor areas & create a stylish place for relaxation & entertainment. Shade sails provide protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which can cause skin damage over time. Shade sails also act as a windbreak & rain barrier, making them perfect for any season.

2. What Is The Best Color For A Shade Sail?

The best color for a Shade Sail depends on your application & intended use. Darker colors, such as black & navy blue, provide more protection from the sun’s UV rays. In comparison, lighter colors, such as sandstone or white, offer more shade but less protection. Choose sun sail shades with the highest UV protection rating for maximum security.

3. How Long Do Shade Sails Last?

Shade sails are designed to withstand the elements & last for years. Shade sail fabrics are made from high-quality materials that have been tested against UV & weathering degradation. Shade sail fabric typically comes with a warranty of 5-10 years.

4. Can I Attach A Shade Sail To My House?

Yes, Shade Sails can be attached to the side of a house or other buildings. Shade sail posts should always be securely anchored in the ground. Shade Sails should be appropriately tensioned to ensure stability. Consult with a qualified installer for proper installation of Shade Sails.

5. Can Shade Sails Stay Up In Winter?

Yes, Shade Sails can stay up in the winter. Shade sail fabric is designed to withstand extreme temperatures & weathering conditions, including snow & hail storms. Shade Sails should be adequately secured to ensure stability & longevity against winter elements.

6. Does Rain Come Through A Shade Sail?

No, Shade Sails are designed to be waterproof & block rain from coming through. Shade sail fabric is treated to make it resistant to water, while Shade Sail posts are designed to withstand extreme weather.

7. Should A Shade Sail Be Tight Or Loose?

Shade Sails should be tensioned to create a taut surface. They should be tight enough & loose enough, as either will affect the Shade Sails’ ability to provide protection from the sun.

8. Are Shade Sails Ok In The Wind?

Yes, Shade Sails are designed to withstand strong winds. Shade sail fabric is also treated to make it resistant to wind & weathering conditions.

9. Why Are Shade Sails Curved?

Shade Sails are intentionally curved to provide the highest amount of shade coverage possible & to increase stability. Shade sail fabrics come in a variety of colors & varying levels of UV protection, so you can tailor your Shade Sails to meet any outdoor needs.

10. How Do You Stop Water Pooling In A Shade Sail?

Shade Sails are designed to shed water. However, some Shade Sail designs may allow for a certain amount of pooling. 

  • Shade sail posts should be securely anchored in the ground & Shade Sails should be adequately tensioned to ensure stability & prevent water pooling. 
  • Shade sail fabric is also treated to make it resistant to water. 
  • Shade Sails should be inspected regularly & any necessary repairs should be made as soon as possible.

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