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How to Choose the Right Style of Storefront Awning?

Has your store considered the benefits of attractive yet retractable awnings in West Michigan? The choice of storefront awning can have a significant effect on the appeal of the business to passers by. It provides unique branding opportunities and is an easy way to make customers feel more welcome.

Below, Prestige Products experts discuss tips for choosing the right awning for your storefront or business, including various types of awnings that could bring out the style you want to achieve in customer-facing areas.

Why Consider a Storefront Awning?

Storefront awnings are an excellent choice for local businesses that want to create a memorable first impression on potential customers. If a store wants to convert potential visitors into paying customers or repeat customers, good impressions are crucial. The right storefront awning takes the branding image of the company to a visible place that cements it in the minds of those who are exploring what you have to offer.

Storefront awnings are a great way to make the company image stick, helping customers remember you and more likely to come back in the future. Practically, these awnings also provide cost-effective shading solutions for a more comfortable shopping experience on hot, busy days. Customers can relax under the awning, take a break from the sun, and casually stare into the window for something that may catch their eye.

Types of Storefront Awnings

Pennsylvania’s modern businesses primarily rely on two types of storefront awnings: stationary awnings and retractable ones.

West Michigan Stationary Awnings are Strong

Stationary awnings remain in one place as a permanent fixture, with the main benefit as the awning’s impressive durability. Fixed awning designs handle inclement weather year-round, including wind and rain. However, the constant exposure means that these stationary awnings will need more maintenance compared to the retractable awnings in West Michigan.

Retractable Awnings Maintain Their Appeal

Stores can retract these awnings to save them from wind and storms or extend them for good weather or shade cover. It is an extremely efficient way to keep a storefront fresh while providing passing customers with cover as needed.

West Michigan’s businesses are increasingly seeing the advantage of these retractable fixtures over the traditional awnings. For example, the remote control makes operation simple, and the awning’s protection from the elements when rolled away means far less maintenance. It is an excellent choice for a business that wants to save money on repair costs and still maintain an attractive storefront for its customers during opening hours.

Tips for Choosing a Storefront Awning

Choosing the right material and other features for your storefront awning is important. There are a few factors that will make a difference, including cost, design, and your store’s location in West Michigan.


Canvas materials have different levels of durability, but the two most common choices in West Michigan are vinyl and polyester blends and cotton. The vinyl-polyester canvases are:

  • extremely durable,
  • fire-resistant, and
  • do not fade in sunlight.

Cotton is less durable but extremely easy to wash. It also costs less.

A third option is an acrylic awning. Acrylic canvases are effective insulators, which is a good choice for a location that sees extreme temperatures or direct sunlight during the day. Acrylic is more durable than cotton and even easier to wash.


The awning frame is another important consideration, especially as it determines the fixture’s overall durability. Modern awnings typically use high-quality aluminum or steel alloy for tensile strength and relatively lightweight products. Prestige Products LLC. is a great place to start for a custom awning frame that meets your needs and budget.


What color does the awning need to be to match the storefront and brand? Be bold enough to attract customers but stay within the confines of your branding style. Some storefronts choose colors to match the building style instead—off-white typically pairs well with older architecture, while bright tones complement contemporary designs.

City Regulations

West Michigan may have regulations on awnings, depending on the store’s location. How far can the awning extend from the building? Are there rules about what colors or designs the district authorizes?

A company like Prestige Products LLC. knows all about making the right choice for a retractable awning that meets regulations. We have served the West Michigan community for over 20 years, with custom design and installation services at prices any local business can afford. Why not talk to our team for more about the awnings catalog available, including motorized awnings in West Michigan?

Contact Prestige Products LLC. online or call +1 616-951-2611 today for a free estimate on retractable awnings in West Michigan.

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