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Awning work is a process you may not be familiar with until you want one for your own home or business. And even then, there’s a lot to learn about which products to use and what procedures best meet your individual awning needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A top-notch, professional awning company will be only too happy to supply you with answers to these questions. Being confident you’ve selected the right awning contractor will help assure you get a quality awning and that your hard-earned money has been wisely spent.

Generally speaking, awning fabrics are water-repellent, not waterproof. There are exceptions, though, which may be practical in certain environments. The fabrics’ water-repellent characteristics allow you to fully enjoy the space shaded by the awning during any weather conditions that aren’t severe. In other words, if the weather is nice enough for you to be outside, then it is good enough for you to be out underneath your awning.

Metal support frames are made from either galvanized steel or aluminum and will last a lifetime! Regular maintenance on a frame requires an annual inspection of fasteners, connections and metal condition. Frames are also available with a painted finish for additional protection and attractiveness.

All of our installers and in fact everyone that you will meet from Prestige Products are employees, we do not use subcontractors. We do all of our own work in house from start to finish.

Because most retractable awnings are customized for each residence, prices cannot be given without verified measurements and on-site inspection. Your awning supplier typically can meet with you for a free, in-home consultation to design an awning that’s right for you.

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