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Retractable Awnings

7 Benefits of Restaurants Using Awnings

Managing a restaurant is challenging work. You must create great food and provide friendly service. Furthermore, you must find ways to welcome customers and keep them comfortable. One way to enhance curb appeal and comfort is with motorized retractable awnings in West Michigan, from Prestige Products LLC. These simple tools can significantly enhance your business in seven fundamental ways.

1. Enhance the Look of Your Restaurant

Motorized retractable awnings have a sleek, modern aesthetic that will enhance the appearance of your restaurant regardless of where you install them. Additionally, awnings are customizable and come in various colors and styles. Therefore, you can find a high-quality product that matches your restaurant’s design while creating a comfortable shade for your customers.

2. Bring in Customers through a Welcoming Exterior

Boost your presentation and appeal to new customers through the visual charm that retractable awnings provide. If someone has never been to your restaurant, they want to see that it’s a comfortable and engaging place to dine; you can communicate all that through quality shade products.

Additionally, with a customized awning bearing your restaurant’s name, logo, and color scheme, you will establish your brand in subtle ways that customers will recognize the next time they see your name.

3. Lower Energy Costs from Shaded Windows and Entrances

Harsh temperatures and sunlight shine through unshaded windows and wreak havoc on a building’s internal temperature in the summer. And in the restaurant industry, where you’re constantly struggling to keep your customers satisfied, you’ll need to run your air conditioning all day to create a reasonable indoor climate.

Awnings over your entrance and shade products over windows make that battle much more manageable. If you’re keeping the sun out of sight from your building’s access points, the warm temperatures won’t have a spot to enter.

4. Covered Entrances for Guests

You likely won’t have enough empty tables for all your incoming customers to grab a seat immediately during busy mealtimes. Consequently, you could have dozens of potential patrons waiting a while outside your business. If you can’t offer them climate protection on a harsh-weather day, many of them will be unwilling to wait long.

Installing a retractable awning on the front of your restaurant or in a designated waiting area will offer your client base enough comfort to stick around for a table. Quality awnings reliably hold up against UV rays, rain, and snow. Therefore, nothing West Michigan, throws your way will disrupt your customers.

5. Increase Your Business Resale Value

For the reasons listed above, a retractable awning is a valuable investment for restaurants, regardless of location. Nevertheless, motorized retractable awnings in West Michigan, a city that goes through a range of weather conditions, might be more valuable than they are anywhere else.

Restaurant owners in West Michigan must protect customers from rain, snow, wind, and UV rays. Customers will appreciate your consideration. Plus, if you ever need to sell your business, potential buyers will be thrilled that you took the time to install element protection and will pay top dollar for your building.

6. Increase Patio Dining Space

Even if your restaurant has a patio area, it might be unappealing or unusable without proper shade products. You can significantly increase the dining space of your restaurant with a simple remote control retractable awning that provides reliable element protection.

7. Improve the Comfort of Your Customers for Outside Seating

When you have an outdoor seating area with dozens of visitors sitting in place for hours, you need to ensure their satisfaction so they’ll return. Patio awnings and other shade products do just that.

Preventing harsh sunlight, harmful UV rays, or disruptive rain and snow from ruining your customer’s meal experience will give them an element-controlled environment they will want to revisit soon.


Retractable awnings are a simple and effective method for boosting your restaurant’s curb appeal, brand recognition, and comfort while saving money on energy expenses.

Find quality motorized retractable awnings in West Michigan, at Prestige Products LLC. Our team offers durable shade products made from Sunbrella Fabric, a highly customizable and robust material that keeps customers cool while matching your design needs.

Call Prestige Products LLC today at +1 616-951-2611 to schedule a free estimate.


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